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Introducing the Founders of BALM


Pauline Kennedy

Photo of Pauline
  • Church of England Reader - first licensed 1990
  • Married to Arthur
  • Aged 57
  • Physics graduate (MA Oxon)
  • Former bank employee
  • Interests include genealogy, music and chocolate healthy food


Arthur Kennedy

Photo of Arthur
  • Church of England Clergyman - Deacon 1985; Priest 1986
  • Married to Pauline
  • Aged 58
  • Theology graduate (MA Oxon)
  • Trained for ministry at St John's College, Nottingham
  • Interests include genealogy, current affairs and music


Our current situation

As a result of being bullied, we are no longer engaged in any active ministry. We are both suffering from long-term injury including:

We have both been signed off for about eighteen years as being medically unfit for work, and are likely to be so for some time to come.

On 1st January 2001 Arthur retired from ministry on to a disability pension.

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Introducing the Founders of BALM
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