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Bully Online

The world's most comprehensive resource on bullying and related issues


The Society of Mary and Martha

The Society of Mary and Martha is an independent ecumenical charity established in 1987, offering support to people in Christian ministry and/or their families, especially at times of stress or crisis. Sheldon is a converted farm run by a mixed lay Community. Programme of courses, breaks, retreats etc, plus individually tailored resources arranged according to need. Details on request.

The Society of Mary and Martha, Sheldon, Dunsford, Exeter EX6 7LE (UK)
Phone: (01647) 252752


Workplace Bullying Helpline

Summarises and details advice, help, and someone who is prepared to listen to targets of workplace bullying experiences

Also, information on "Gill Rowe's Employee Care Counselling Service"


CaB, The Campaign against Bullying


Bullies Down Under

The website of SAEBOW (South Australian Employees Bullied out of Work)


The Work Doctor

Solutions for Workplace Hostility and Bullying


Walking Wounded

Christian help for our emotional needs, in life, in stress and in difficult circumstances

Information on workplace bullying & stress can be found at


Smoldering Wick Ministries

A Servant Ministry to the Burnt-Out/Wounded Ministry Leader


Ministry Health

The Internet's Most Comprehensive Site For Supporting Healthier Christian Ministries Throughout The World!

Support and Resources For Pastors and Christian Ministry Professionals


The B.A.C.H. Development Model
(Body Anatomy and Church Health)

Integrating Ecclesiology (Biblical teaching about Christ's Church) and Family Systems Theory

Support and Resources For Clergy, Church Leaders, Church Members, and Their Families


Ministry Today
(Formerly known as the Richard Baxter Institute for Ministry)

An ecumenical organisation which aims to provide a supportive resource for all in pastoral leadership so that they may not only survive, but also grow and develop, becoming more effective in the ministry to which Christ has called them. Membership is by annual subscription and includes the journal, Ministry Today, and discounts on the organisation's conferences.

Further information is available from our website


Traumatic Stress Centre (Wales)

A Specialist Centre for treatment of PTSD, Burnout and Anxiety related illnesses


Ministry Ireland

An ecumenical group of ministers, priests, religious and lay people who wish to support one another in ministry. Particular attention is paid to those who have suffered bullying, abuse or alienation from church hierarchy, peers or congregation. The group also has counsellors available to assist and restore lost confidence in those who have been bullied or abused in ministry.



International Priest-Helpline

This is a professional online counselling service for ALL priests in trouble. Initially set up to alleviate the loneliness of the celibate Roman Catholic priest who has no-one to confide his worries to, specialist Priest Counsellor Maria Hubert has opened her doors to all those clergy and their families suffering from bullying at its worst or finding it hard to cope with the usual parish tittle-tattle at its mildest. We have a team of competent counsellors to help you. WHATEVER your problem - please don't suffer alone.

Contact Maria at


Wounded Warriors -
Surviving Antagonistic Conflict In The Church

A report providing information and comfort to "wounded warriors", which also aims to convince those who care deeply about the church of the urgent need to rally to the aid of besieged pastors and put a halt to antagonistic conflict once and for all.


Bullying and Emotional Intelligence (BullyEQ)

Website exploring the relationships between bullying, mobbing, abuse and emotional intelligence in various contexts


Broken Hearts Shattered Trust

Addressing senior pastor abuse of staff associates


Clergy Recovery Network

The Clergy Recovery Network mentors clergy and their spouses through personal crises and early recovery. We primarily do mentoring via the phone but also work face to face consulting and speaking.


Christian Recovery International

Support, resources and fellowship for Christians recovering from addiction, abuse and/or trauma


Recovery from Abuse

A basic introduction to the dynamics of abuse for pastors and other religious professionals


National Churchwatch

National Churchwatch (a UK non profit making company) originally arose out of a concern for the security of church buildings, but now concentrates on the personal safety of church workers. It offers training seminars related to these issues, as well as information and advice through its website.


The Mental and Physical Health Impact of Bullying

Bullying has strong mental consequences but the range of physical conditions that can result from bullying is shocking, particularly the impact on working adults. This report covers some of the facts and figures:


Counselling and Therapy Directories (UK)

The following websites may be of help when looking for a private counsellor or therapist:


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